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 Don't spend another night on a mattress that's infested with dust mites. Your mattress is probably the dirtiest place in your home. Day after day, year after year, dead skin settles in your bed providing the ideal breeding ground for viruses, mold spores fungi and especially dust mites.  No matter how proud you are of your clean home, the fact remains that you are sharing your bed with millions of microscopic greedy germs feasting in your mattress.

The only way to rigorously clean dirty mattress is to get Churchill in to clean and steam them. Churchill uses a three step cleaning process that takes no longer than 30-50 minutes depending on the size of the mattress.

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Step 1: Our HP cleaning head system generates high frequency waves, which pulsate and loosen particles of dust, dirt and excrement in the mattress. These are then eliminated with a high power vacuum with a special HEPA filter, which traps 99.97% of everything it collects. Step 2: We use UVC Radiation sterilizing Unit disinfect the mattress killing bacteria, viruses and mold spores. The efficacy of this chemical free disinfecting method is proven in the medical field. Step3: The dry extraction method is the only safe and effective way to genuinely clean your mattress. Following extraction we apply a non-toxic anti-bacterial deodorizing spray. It contains antibacterial and insect repellent properties. Last but not least don't forget your pillows they are just as much of a breeding ground as your mattress. Leave it to the professionals at Churchill to expertly clean your bed and pillows. Say goodbye to filthy dust mites, skin cells and bodily fluids and Hello to a clean fresh bed.  
⋮ service features
  • Dust Removal
  • Disinfect Microscopic Gems
  • Complete Sanitation Of Mattress
  • Ensure Healthy Sleeping Environment
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