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A/C Duct Cleaning

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    • Duct systems are a major source of indoor air pollution. Dust, dirt, pollen, animal hair, dust mites and other airborne contaminates are pulled into your duct system every time your air conditioner runs. These particles whisk through the vents and spew into the air that your family breathes. Over time, these contaminate buildup inside the ductwork and can make your duct system an ideal breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew and other microbes. Dirty air ducts circulate dirt, dust, and microorganisms from your air conditioner throughout your home and into the air you breath. Dirty air ducts and coils also put a strain on your air conditioning unit, causing a decrease in its efficiency. It is estimated that the average family spends 90% of their time indoor especially in the UAE. Be it at home, school, a work place or a hospital so consider what is happening when dirty air ducts flow a constant stream of contaminants into the rooms of your home. Regular maintenance of your air duct cooling system offers many advantages.


  • Renovation: If your home has been remodeled – especially if there was asbestos abatement lead paint removal, or significant dust – your ductwork may need to be cleaned. Ducts should be sealed off during home renovations; but if they weren’t, dangerous dust and debris may become lodged inside the ductwork.
  • Animals: If there’s evidence of animal infestation or nesting in your ducts or HVAC system, have the animals removed then clean the ductwork and HVAC unit.
  • Mold: If there is visible mold growth inside the ductwork, the ducts and HVAC system should be cleaned.
  • Contaminants: If noticeable debris, pet hair, odors, or other contaminants are being released into the room through the ducts after the registers have been cleaned and vacuumed; then the ducts may need to be cleaned.
  • IIIness: If someone in your family is suffering from an unexplained allergy-related, and you’ve taken every other possible step to decontaminate your home, you may want to consider having your ducts cleaned to see if the HVAC system was the culprit.
  • Efficiency: A more efficient air conditioner and lower electric Bills!!!


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  “This is the heart and circulatory system of your house, “Sharif says. “If any of it is gunked up with dust or mold, the core system isn’t going to function correctly.” What we do… Our technicians will thoroughly pre-inspect your home’s air duct system. You will be informed of the air duct cleaning process. Our technicians at Churchill will clean all the grills and the entire air duct system using powerful vacuum along with specialized tools. We may need to zone off areas to ensure that the entire system is cleaned properly.  
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  • Grills Cleaning
  • Duct System Cleaning
  • Dust Removal
  • Duct System Sanitizing
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